The term “chiropractic” means “done by hand”.  It dates back to the first official manipulation/adjustment by D.D. Palmer in 1895.  It has risen to become the third most used primary health care profession in the world, after orthodox medicine and dentistry.

Chiropractic works on the premise that the body needs a correctly functioning spine and nervous system in order for us to maintain good health.  If the spine and other joints in the body are not moving optimally, they put more pressure onto other joints, structures and organs, resulting in pain, loss of mobility and possibly even ill health.

Chiropractors are holistic practitioners, looking at the whole person and not just the condition which they are presenting with.  They primarily deal with the neuro-musculo-skeletal system (anything to do with nerves, muscles or bones).  They evaluate the biomechanical structure of the spine and other joints, and their effects on the body, but also look at lifestyle, nutrition and stress management.

Chiropractic is a non-invasive treatment which many people can benefit from;  It has been shown to be beneficial for babies with colic and children with Otitis Media (middle-ear infections);  It can help relieve back or neck pain and headaches in pregnant women or in office workers; top athletes or sportsmen are using chiropractic more and more, as are the elderly with pain due to degeneration of their joints.  It is a holistic treatment that the whole family can use.

In South Africa the public needs to be aware that chiropractors are obliged to be registered with the Allied Health Professions Council of South Africa.  More information can be found on chiropractic on The Chiropractic Association of South Africa, CASA’s website: