I’m a chiropractor, a therapeutic aromatherapist and a mom.  I had always had a holistic view and an interest in natural health, but with the birth of my children the passion grew.  This developed into a real passion for wellness and the wisdom that “health is wealth”.

In October 2012 I attended a 5 day Functional Medicine seminar (Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice), and I knew that I had finally found the “medicine” I wanted to practice.  For too long medicine had looked at reducing symptoms, without really getting to the cause.   The Functional Medicine paradigm works holistically, in a far more balanced way.

I have a family practice, treating a range of ages, from infants to geriatrics.  I find great pleasure in helping an exhausted parent of a colicky child get some sleep, or ease a headache.  I have such a rewarding job, being able to take someone in pain and make them feel better.   I really love teaching my patients about what they can do to support their own health, and in so doing empowering them to make the best decisions for life and vitality.

Health and wellness is truly my passion and my purpose!